Gallery Press


2.10.14      O’delle Abney videos Allison Stewart’s opening
2.1.14         James Panero cites Paul Behnke’s exhibition “Eight Painters”
1.31.14       Design Milk cites paintings by Sydney Licht
1.1.14          Bungalow Magazine profile of Meredith Pardue
1.1.14          The Huntsville Museum posts a  catalogue of works by Rocio Rodriguez
1.16.14       The L Magazine cites Paul Behnke’s “Eight Painters”
1.27.14       Brett Baker reviews “Eight Painters” on the Painter’s Table Blog
12.19.13     Huffington Post : Justine Hill is one of “4 Female Painters to Watch”
12.6.13       Design Milk cites Susanna Bluhm’s recent exhibition
11.26.13     Tilted Arc interviews Paul Behnke
10.4.13       MocoLoco cites Svetlana Rabey
8.27.13       Brett Baker interviews Joanne Freeman
8.13.13       BOOOOM mention of Ky Anderson
8.7.13         Artsy Forager interview with Ky Anderson
8.7.13         Las Vegas Weekly reviews Jeffrey Cortland Jones
7.23,13       Art Out There cites Stephanie London
7.19.13        BurnAway interviews Rocio Rodriguez
7.4.13          Lancia blog review of “New Floats by Christian Haub
7.1.13           Studio Critical interviews Don Martiny
5.24.13        Painter’s Progress interview with Ky Anderson
5.18.13        Artdaily reviews Paul Behnke’s exhbition “An Awful Rainbow”
5.9.13          Haberarts review of “New Floats” by Christian Haub
5.8.13          James Panero reviews Paul Behnke’s “An Awful Rainbow”
5.5.13          John Yau interviews Paul Behnke for Hyperallergic
5.1.13          Fine Arts Connoissuer features Lisa Breslow
5.1.13           Resolve 40 review of “New Floats” by Christian Haub
4.25.13        BOOOM cites Yolanda Sanchez
4.12.13        Ahtcast interview with Ky Anderson
4.8.13         Jaime Derringer cites paintings by Deboarh Zlotsky
3.19.13        Arte Fuse review of ” New Floats” by Christian Haub
3.13.13        O’Dell Abney video of Christian Haub opening
3.7.13          Robert Smith reviews Josette Urso
3.6.13          Brent Hallard interviews Jeffre Cortland Jones
3.1.13          Bombsite  Christian Haub by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
2.26.13       The High Museum of Art’s Michael Brooks interviews Rocio Rodriguez
2.20.13       Sarasota Visual Art interviews Yolanda Sanchez
2.4.13          Mario Naves writes about Sydney Licht
2.3.13          Artsy Forager cites Susanna Bluhm
2.2.13          Numero Cinque interviews Deborah Zlotsky
1.25.13         Maine Sunday Telegram reviews Joanne Freeman
1.9.13           Ahtcast interviews Paul Behnke
1.4.13           Design Milk features Yolanda Sanchez
12.4.12         Hamptons Art Hub cites Yolanda Sanchez
12.4.12         Victor Witowski talks about Deborah Zlotsky
12.4.12         John Seed interviews Lisa Breslow for Huffington Post
11.20.12       City Arts reviews Lisa Breslow
11.6.12         Art in America reviews Rocio Rodriguez by Stephanie Cash
9.12.12         O’Dell Abney videos opening for Yolanda Sanchez
8.16.12         Denali NAP posts a video of Trine Bumiller
8.2.12           Ivy DeLeon mentioned our Art, Design & Cocktails event this summer
7.24.12         HamptonArtsHub reviews our Bridgehampton exhibition
7.11.12          Joanne Mattera cites Julian Jackson
6.24.12         Melissa Stern interviews Josette Urso
6.21.12         New American Paintings Blog interviews Susanna Bluhm
6.20.12         From Ainsley with Love is addicted to Yolanda Sanchez
6.14.12         Keith Recker from Pantone interviews Yolanda Sanchez
6.13.12         Julie Richard of Shelter Interior Design recommends Meredith Pardue
6.1.12            Review of Julian Jackson’s exhibition by Steven Alexander Journal
5.7.12            Small Print interview with Ky Anderson
5.1.12            Joanne Mattera interviews Joanne Freeman
4.22.12         The Columbus Dispatch reviews Stephen Pentak
4.5.12            Studio 21 posts a video interview with Sara Macculloch
4.1.12            Elizabeth Kley reviews Marilla Palmer in Art News
3.21.12          A review of our gallery from Meredith Heron at Sashay
3.9.12            The Luxury Spot reviews Yolanda Sanchez
3.1.12            Art Ltd reviews Trine Bumiller
2.22.11          Joey Veltkamp interviews Susanna Bluhm
1.13.12           MocoLoco reviews Stephen Pentak’s exhibition
1.13.12           Painting Perceptions has a wonderful interview with Sydney Licht
11.1.11            DailyCandy editor’s Holiday Wish List includes Yolanda Sanchez’s paintings
1.6.12             StevenAlexanderJournal reviews Julian Jackson
12.15.11         Knight Moves reviews Deborah Zlotsky’s exhibition
11.16.11         Gorky’s Granddaughter interviews Deborah Zlotsky
9.26.11          Oh Joy for the Yolanda Sanchez mention
9.16.11           Writing without Paper cites Trine Bumiller
9.14.11           MocoLoco cites Trine Bumiller
8.25.11           Lonny Magazine cites Yolanda Sanchez
8.11.11            MocoLoco cites Sydney Licht
8.4.11             Standard Interview interviews Paul Behnke
7.11.11             Lynette Haggard interviews Tamar Zinn
6.15.11            Coco Kelley cites Yolanda Sanchez
5.31.11            La Dolce Vita cites Yolanda Sanchez
5.15.11            Elizabeth Sheppell interviews Diane Ayott
4.24.11           Elizabeth Sheppell talks to Margaret Neill
3.21.11           MocoLoco cites Deborah Zlotsky
3.9.11             You Are My Fave cites Yolanda Sanchez
3.3.11             Black Eiffel cites Yolanda Sanchez
2.1.11             DLK Collection reviews Jeri Eisenberg
1.12.11           Two Coats of Paint talks to Paul Behnke
11.11.10         Manhattan Users Guide reviews Lisa Breslow
8.1.10            Steven Alexander Journal reviews Julian Jackson
2.25.10          Joanne Mattera reviews Diane Ayott
1.7.10            Chris Rywalt reviews Julian Jackson