Gallery Services


About the Gallery

At Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, we believe that signifcant contemporary art can be beautiful as well as visully and intellectually rigorous and that acquiring it should be a source of pleasure and self-discovery.  Since 1975, we have  helped collectors find the art that speaks to them, and, therefore, exhibit a diverse group of artists united by hard-won craft, compelling intellectual framework, and a love of the art-making process.

Gallery Services

Picture of the Week – Every week for the past 15 years we have emailed out a “Picture of the Week”.  You can sign up for it here.  You’ll love it.

Art on Approval – We love the art we sell, and want you to as well, and so are happy to send you works on approval so you can live with for a few days, and make sure it’s right for you.

Consulting Services – We are happy to consult with you to help you decide what kind of art might be best for your space and your sensibility.  We’ve been placing art for many years, and understand what works best in what kind of space.  A large painting is hard to view in a hallway, and a delicate, detailed piece hard to appreciate fully when hung over a sofa.   We understand these constraints, and, can visit your home or office to better understand your space , determine your needs and sensibility, and so better suggest works that are appropriate for you.

Art101 – We have a blog, Art101, which gives you concrete steps to take in order to understand what kind of art you really want to live with, and help you navigate the art world.

ArtBusiness - I also highly recommend, a website written by Alan Bamberger that is chock filled with all kinds of great advice and information for the art novice.

Ask Us –  I always tell art novices to ask questions when they go into galleries. All good art gallerists love to talk about art and the art world.  As a matter of fact, educating the client is typically one of the reasons they’re selling art in the first place.  So feel free to ask us anything, from why is a Warhol is $56,000,000 to how high to hang a painting.

Gallery Tours – We also give occasional tours of Chelsea galleries which are fascinating and a lot of fun. Feel free to sign up to get an email of the next scheduled tours for the Spring.

Art in Your Life – Below are a photos of paintings and sculpture from the gallery in our client’s homes.  These will give you an idea of how important art can be to your life.